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Yat Sing Holdings Limited

  • We are a building maintenance and renovation service provider in Hong Kong. Our group is a “Group M2 (confirmed status)” building contractors for maintenance works category granted by the Housing Authority since February 1996. We are eligible to submit tenders for Housing Authority contracts for building maintenance and renovation works for unlimited value. We have also been admitted by the Housing Authority as a Quality Maintenance Contractor since 2001 and have enjoyed more tendering opportunities for the Housing Authority’s maintenance and renovation works contracts.
  • Our role as a main contractor includes overall project management and supervision of works. Our services cover maintenance, improvement and vacant flat refurbishment for public housing estates, public facilities and other public properties in Hong Kong, maintenance and renovation works for private residential buildings (including luxury and high-end residential buildings and large-scale community residential estates) and non-residential buildings (including hotels, hostels, shopping malls, industrial buildings, universities and schools).
  • Our major customers include the HKSAR Government, property management companies, incorporated owners of private residential properties, universities, education institutions, charitable organisations and other customers in the private sector.
  • Our group acquired Jiangyin Grabene Graphene Photocatalytic Technology Co., Ltd in 2018, which is principally engaged in, amongst other things, research and development, manufacturing, processing, sales, technical advisory and services of visible light photocatalysis products. The visible light photocatalysis products are developed based on the graphene products and can be used to decompose the toxic organic matter in the water, deodorant, increase the oxygen content of rivers, and have the strong compatibility of other treatment technology. The visible light photocatalysis materials are green and safe and can be recycled. We have submitted tenders for the municipal engineering projects in respect of the water purification treatment of rivers, sewage plants and odor water by using visible light photocatalysis products and technologies.
  • Yat Sing Holdings Limited  HKEX Stock Code: 3708